Beginner’s Guide to Nordic Walking

Did you know that Nordic Walking exercises 90% of your body’s muscles?

If you compare this to running which only uses 45% and cycling which uses 50%, it’s unsurprising why Nordic Walking is set to become a huge fitness trend this year.

In fact, the mood-boosting benefits of being outdoors have had such a huge impact that there are now 2,000 walks on offer throughout the UK.

So, to help you get your step on, Craig Manor, have created the ultimate beginner’s guide to Nordic Walking. Not only have they uncovered the unexpected benefits of this low-impact sport, but also explained how to – there really is more to it than walking with two poles!

If you do fancy giving nordic walking a try, there are also several unexpected benefits to be gained.

Did you know that:

  • It can burn up to 46% more calories than regular walking.
  • The Nordic Walking Association have researched the positive impacts of helping those with health concerns, such as arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.
  • It improves the mobility of your spine and can also help improve posture.
  • A study revealed that those who suffer from osteoarthritis, saw a significant improvement in walking and standing, after twelve months of Nordic Walking.
  • It can help you tone up your legs, arms and shoulders.

Have you ever tried Nordic walking?

  • February 12, 2019